Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mountville Presbyterian Church (EPC)
2759 Mountville Road, Portersville, PA 16051,    724-368-3385,   Don Michael Hurray, Pastor


Dear Members of Mountville Church,
            I just got back from an exciting week in Colorado.  I was sent by our session as a delegate to this year’s General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  In all my 35 years of serving the church I have never attended a G.A.   Because of our wise move into the EPC I was very delighted in what I saw.  What I experienced at the G.A. is a sure sign we made a right move and a sure portent of good things to come for Mountville Church.
            The EPC General Assembly was not about controversy, fighting, facing heresy, one-upmanship, the latest cultural fads, and angry pagan groups demanding we bow to their latest attack on morality.  INSTEAD, what I found was prayer and a focus on what God’s Word directs His Church to do today.   The focus was not on personalities and politics.  The focus was on loving the Lord Jesus Christ and each other.  The GA was mostly about relationships.  Every pastor and elder that I met was a delight.  We focused on who we are as Christian leaders, how our churches are doing, what are we doing to lead our youth to Christ, what we are doing to reach our community with the Good News of Salvation thru Christ, and what we are doing to reach our nation and our world with the power and authority of the Gospel.  
Among the preachers were former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong, career missionary and head of the EPC’s Engage 2025 global initiative to the Muslim world, Dr. Greg Livingstone, Moderator Ken Roberts, host pastor Dr. Jim Dixon and new to the EPC pastor Jim Noble of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the assembly the moderator-elect, Bill Dudley, pastor of the Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church outside Chattanooga, Tenn., became the EPC moderator.  What is noteworthy about the speakers and most of the attendees were that we were mostly new to the EPC.  It was like attending a gala gathering of PCUSA exiles that have arrived at the Promised Land.  And the joy, the enthusiasm and the newness were all evident.  Now we can do the Lord’s word uninterrupted by lesser things.  And the EPC is growing by leaps and bounds.
What came out of this G.A.?  Our focus and mission is to evangelize the world and that includes challenging the heart of Islam.  We are starting Christian churches, schools and missions in every Moslem land that we can to offer these people a choice between light and darkness.    We are committed to reaching youth and including them in leadership.  I served on the College and Youth committee.  We are working with campus ministries to reach college students and are urged to include high school students in worship leadership and to develop their Christian leadership skills.
worshiped in three churches while I was away.  All three had in common modern Christian music and choruses, use of projectors, praise bands, song leaders and teams and a non-churchy atmosphere.  The focus was on fellow-shipping in the Lord.  All three churches were very open and welcoming to newcomers.  This was especially important because all three communities are very fluid and changing.  The impression from all three was we love the Lord, we love each other and we want to love you too.  A worthy goal for Mountville Church to continue reaching for.
                                                            Don Hurray, Pastor

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