Saturday, June 22, 2013


It was sad to see it end.  That is an amazing statement because most such meetings that I have attended in past people were glad to get out as soon as they could.  Why was it sad?   Because although there were 2000 people in attendance it was like heaven.  You could go up to anyone and get a smile and an introduction and sharing you life.  There was no dissent, no suspicion, no angry spirits.  It was like heaven where we were just enjoying the presence of Jesus Christ in our midst.

The opening prayer was the the Kazakhstan pastor.  They pray long but it was a relevant good prayer.  He prayed for President Obama "because he is leader over this nation and we pray he doesn't do anything outside Your will."

The sermon was by a pastor who spoke how God called him to faith all his life and he struggled against it most of the time.  he had plenty of questions about God and tried to stray as much as he could going into philosophy, stop attending church, arguing with Christians.  He spoke about how God's Holy Spirit pursued him and placed people in his life over and over to challenge him to follow Christ.  He finally surrendered and found tremendous peace in being where God planned him to be from before the foundation of the world.

We heard from the Women in ministry group.  They have prepared a report to present to the 2014 GA in Knoxville.  They are continuing to resource and train and attempting to build into women's lives the need to take their place in the transformation of the world.  She said they are in transition as the EPC grows by leaps and bounds.  They are looking for ways to take leadership roles in next year's GA.  They want to pursue the truth of God's Word for women to stand on.

They gave permission for the Committee on Administration to take action to retain, revise, outsource or terminate the EPC medical plan for pastors when Obamacare takes hold and puts our plan in jeopardy.

GA next year will be in Knoxville.  In 2015 it will be in Orlando

We approved "Christian friends of Korea" as our Approved Mission agency there.

Approved taking three mission groups, Antioch Partners, Frontier Fellowship and Outreach Foundation that were formerly part of the PCUSA but have left the PCUSA and its board members have come into the EPC as mission agencies of the EPC.

It was sad to part from the many, many new friends and contacts with pastors and elders from all over the nation.  It was significant that we couldn't tell who was a pastor or an elder unless you read the fine print on the nametag.  We worked together instead of as two separate groups of teaching elder and ruling elder.

I am driving friends to the airport and now I am headed to Colorado Springs to spend 4 days at the Air Force Academy Econolodge.  I expect the atmosphere to be different there and hope they are not WILD.  In that case I will spend as much time on trails hiking Pike's Peak as I can.  And I hope the bears don't get me.


  1. Enjoyed reading your posts Pastor Don.. I pray your remaining days in Colorado will be rewarding ones..and NO bed bugs ;-)
    Sue O

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